Beauty of linen

Natural properties of LINEN fabrics make them the best choice for you.  The materials are suitable for a wide variety of garments and they are perfect for interior decorations adding lustre to them.

Their broad range of colours, weaves and textures opens endless possibilities of use. See-through linen nets, linen fabrics of loose texture and bouclé or jacquard textured linen textiles, offered in different colours and patterns, challenge a stereotypical view of linen.

Modern technologies make the finished linen product soft and pleasant to the touch. Some types of linen textiles do not require ironing. It is enough to reshape them after washing and dry. This property is typical of extremely soft and crumpled linen fabrics.

Owing to modern manufacture, all kinds of linen fabric crumple less. However, the exquisite beauty of a linen textile resides in its fine, crumpled texture, which makes it unique.

Taking all the advantages of linen fabric into consideration, it is worth its price. Linen is a very durable and strong fabric, therefore, the finished linen product is a timeless garment. If properly used, it can be worn for a long time without losing its natural beauty.

Olga2 530

soft bed linen with cotton lace

IMG_2803 IMG_3242

linen net


linen jacquard


plain shirt-type linen


crumpled linen


thick bouclé textured linen