1. After placing the order the User shall make payment for the ordered products using the information provided below.
  2. Payment for the order may be made by bank transfer, through the PayPal service or by COD method. In the case of using the PayPal service the User shall be redirected from www.en.linenlook.pl to the website of the service provider. The terms of use of the PayPal service are provided in its terms and conditions.
  3. Prices listed on the website www.en.linenlook.pl next to descriptions of products shall be expressed in Polish Zlotys and be VAT inclusive.
  4. The cost of shipping in the amount specified in the order form, which depends on the method of shipping selected by the User, shall be added to the amount due for the order.
  5. The Seller offers the following methods of payment:
    • transfer to Linen Look’s bank account to the following bank account:
      PKO SA I o/ Gdynia, number: 70 1240 1239 1111 0000 1638 6107;
    • on-line through the PayPal service;
    • cash on delivery upon delivery of the order (the COD method of payment shall be available only to customers in Poland);
  6. Relevant cost of shipping provided below should be added to the order price.
  7. Domestic (in Poland) delivery costs for shipments weighing less than 1 kg shall be as follows:
    • PLN 15 for priority registered shipment with acknowledgement of receipt requested;
    • PLN 18 for COD shipment;
    • 20 PLN for courier shipment.
  8. With respect to foreign shipments, the cost and method of shipping shall be agreed individually with the Customer by electronic means (E-mail) before making a purchase.

(Estimated cost of shipping parcels weighing less than 1 kg from Poland to the European Union delivered by the Polish Post is in the region of PLN 35 – 75, however, the Seller cannot guarantee that the cost of shipping the order will fall within the above price range, since these are estimates only).

  1. Delivery costs to Sweden of shipments delivered by Polish Post shall be as follows:
    • PLN 38 / SEK 82 for priority registered mail weighing less than 1 kg;
    • PLN 73/SEK 157 for priority parcel weighing less than 1 kg.