Linen can be washed by hand or in washing machines using mild detergents (preferably liquids).  It is recommended to use softeners for the final rinse. While washing linen by hand its long soaking that may cause discoloration of the fabric should be avoided. After having been hand washed the fabric can be spun in a washing machine. The spinning should be short and at a low speed.

The ideal temperature for washing clothes made from dyed linen is 30-40°C.White clothing can be washed at 60 °C. Chlorine bleaches that weaken linen fibres should be avoided.


Immediately after washing the clothes should be taken out from the washing machine, shaken out and hung to dry in a shaded place. Linen clothes should not be dried too much.


It is best to iron slightly damp linen. If ironing clothes sometime after drying, before starting they should be turned inside out, slightly dampened, put in a plastic bag and left in it so that they get dampened thoroughly. Linen can be ironed at high temperature.

Linen clothing can be dry cleaned.

With proper care and use of gentle detergents linen will serve you for a very long time. With each washing linen fabric becomes stronger and acquires a high-quality appearance.